Serve Onyx

You may have the opportunity to serve the Princess via online and in person sessions only if you are financially, mentally, and emotionally prepared to do so.

What is a live session?

A session is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore select interests (of the submissive nature) in a one-on-one real time meeting, with yours truly. With your personal interests and level of comfort in mind, Princess Onyx will transport you from the dreariness of this dull world to a safe and sacred space underneath her care. 

Please note ALL sessions are NON NUDE and do NOT involve any type of sexual activity or release.

grappling/wrestling/feats of strength and elements of traditional female domination including impact play, protocol, mummification, sissification, foot boy training, human furniture, and more.

What types of sessions does Princess Onyx offer?

Sessions can involve a number of activities based off of time, personal comfort and interests, and of course financial ability of the submissive. ALL sessions with Princess Onyx will be based on female domination only. She will NOT be in any submissive roles aside from the occasional unrestrained tickling. 

Some of the following session elements can include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • wrestling/grappling: fantasy vs semi comp (additional charge for semi comp)
  • Scissors, facesitting, smothering
  • Lift and carry (up to 190 lbs, half hour session for full hour rate)
  • size/strength comparison, arm wrestling
  • Fantasy fighting
  • Bellypunching, boxing (giving only, no receiving)
  • Tickling (me tickling you)
  • Rope bondage, saran wrap mummification
  • Verbal humiliation/degradation/sph
  • Impact play: flogging/spanking (tools required)
  • Sensory play: feathers, wax, electric (tools required)
  • Scent play
  • Sissification (makeup, wardrobe if desired)
  • Puppy play, foot boy training
  • CBT
  • Watersports (at a premium cost)
  • Giantess/character roleplay
  • If your interests is not listed, ask!

How much is a session?

Session price is based off of the duration and nature of the session, as well as any other additional factors. Remember that to be able to experience serving the Princess is a luxury. The session price subject to change based off of session nature/additional requests. Please fill out the form listed below in its entirety for a proper quote. Please note all sessions require 50% non refundable deposit.

Where are sessions held?

Residing at home base in Central Florida, Princess Onyx does have the ability to host sessions at a private space/dungeon with full floor mats.

Princess Onyx will consider travel to your city with proper sponsorship: flight, hotel, and multi hour session booking required. Anticipate at least $1.5k for all listed expenses before inquiring.

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