About Onyx

Who is Princess Onyx?

Princess Onyx Kim is an enigma to most, but an ethereal leader to all. Towering at 5’8 tall on her slender size 8.5 soles, weighing in at 125 lbs, this Korean Scottish beauty dominates men from all over the globe using a variety of her skills and charm. Many have underestimated her lean frame and slender legs until the moment of their cruel fate, when they realize this Princess is both a physical and psychological powerhouse of strength, superiority, and dominance. 


At an early age the Princess realized the captivating and mysterious allure she unintentionally held over men and women alike; a power which she always seeked to truly harness. During her academic studies (both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level) of psychology and the sciences, she found herself drawn to the human psyche, seeking to explore and exploit it further. She recognized that despite the individuality of external personas, humans can almost all be reverted back to the same primal, visceral state of being through the means of tapping into their sexuality. Once she stepped into the world of female domination, she realized that all of her life experiences had been shaping and molding her into becoming the full fledged dominatrix and wrestler that she is today.

Princess Onyx’s specialties as a session provider primarily revolve around feats of strength and elements of traditional female domination. For further details visit the “Serve Onyx” section of this website.